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Putting the right peg in the hole that fits it is one thing that eludes many people when making decisions on their home or real estate properties.

We do not want that trend to continue with you with our experienced team of inspectors who are devoted to making satisfactory assessment of your properties when called upon.

With past reviews from customers, coupled with positive ratings, we are the right company to call on. Feel free to contact us and expect us to deliver the best for you

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Top-notch Home Inspection and Property Assessment

Have you been through some inspectors in the past who left bad memories? Do not retain the fear because we are erasing the memories with the up-to-date assessment of your properties.

Our team will deliver a visual and honest assessment of your house’s physical structure and mechanical systems, including the roof, ceilings, walls, floors, windows and doors.

The inspector will check that major appliances are functional, scrutinize the heating and air-conditioning system, examine the plumbing and electrical systems, and possibly the attic and basement.

The inspection may happen due to multiple reasons, and that may be because you are traveling and won’t be in the apartment for a long time, you are back from a journey and want to know the condition of the house and after a seller has accepted your bid for the purchase of a property.

Any reason it is, Los Angeles Home Inspection CA is your best bet in all seasons.

At our company, we are experienced professionals and we follow the laid-down guidelines on home inspection and buying which includes the inspection of a home within 7-10 days of agreeing on a fee with the seller by the buyer, and we have always been confidential about what we discover in any property that has been inspected by us except the client orders us to do something different.

Habits like that have endeared us to the hearts of various customers and have earned us more patronage in and out of Los Angeles, thereby pushing us to the top of the rankings and spurring us on in delivering the best to future patronizers.

If you’ve got properties to put on the market or you are having doubts about the home in which you reside, do not hesitate to give us a call for a timely inspection.

Affordability of Los Angeles Home Inspection CA

Offering services that are unaffordable to your customers is an illogical one, and everyone surely agrees with that.

However, at Los Angeles Home Inspection CA, we are not following the trend of making things hard for those who patronize us out of the many that abound.

We don’t only do an amazing job but also care deeply about our customers and ensure they have a great customer service experience that would lead them back to us year after year.

We do this by ensuring that our services are packed with value for the money that was paid and our customers are better enlightened on what to do regarding the inspection of their homes and properties.

Doing an excellent job with the right equipment and personnel leaves us with a long history of faithfulness to our customers while guaranteeing that the best and most healthy action is taken with full consideration of their property and its safety.

This is why we always offer the very best advice or suggestions to our residential customers and give them all the satisfaction they need at a fair price.

It would surprise you how prompt we are and how glad we are to deliver our services excellently but you would never know if you never try. 

Do not have a second thought about reaching out to us for your home inspection services in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Home Inspection CA

Our love for giving people the correct details on the situation of their homes and properties is at its climax and we are sure of continuing the trend.

Many Los Angeles residents who neglect home inspectors or patronize quacks disguised as professionals have lived to regret it, and we do not want you to join the league and continue the run.

We follow the rules and ethics of the job in serving our customers the best, leave them satisfied and wishing they met us before now.

We will be expecting you to give us a call as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Home Inspection Service in Los Angeles

  1. Start by giving your home a thorough cleaning, inside and out. This will help to make sure that the inspectors can see everything clearly and that they aren’t turned off by any dirt or grime. 
  2. Make any necessary repairs. If there are any broken windows, torn screens, leaky faucets, or anything else that needs to be fixed, take care of it before the inspection. 
  3. Take a close look at your home’s electrical system. Make sure all outlets are working and that there are no exposed wires. 
  4. Inspect your plumbing to ensure that there are no leaks or other problems. 
  5. Take a look at your home’s heating and cooling system to make sure it is in good working order. 
  6. Be sure to have your home’s paperwork in order. This includes things like your home’s deed, mortgage information, insurance policy, and so on. 
  7.  Finally, make sure you are present during the inspection. This will give you an opportunity to answer any questions the inspector may have.
  1. Rundown roofing
  2. Drainage issues
  3. Faulty foundation
  4. Plumbing problems
  5. Pest infestations
  6. Hidden mold
  7. Failing heating systems
  8. Electrical wiring
  9. Structural damage

Our team of professionals are so experienced in this job that they can’t perform an inspection without following the laid-down procedures, rules and guidelines.

The 5 things that they check in a building are;

  1. The Foundation of the house
  2. Roof quality and performance
  3. Plumbing works
  4. Electrical systems
  5. HVAC system

Averagely, the inspection of a building by an inspector with the right knowledge and equipment like our personnel takes 150 minutes.The inspector will look at the condition of the home, both inside and outside. They will also check the home’s systems, such as the electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling systems.

An average home inspection for a single family home will cost between $300 and $500 — the current national average is $337. However, this number can vary depending on a wide range of factors, including location

  1. How many inspections do you perform in a day and how long do you expect to be present at the house you are inspecting for me?
  2. Do you perform home inspections full time or part time and how many paid inspections have you performed?
  3. Besides your license, what credentials and certifications do you have?

  4. Are you comfortable with me attending throughout the inspection?
  5. How long after the inspection should I expect to receive my report?
  6. Do you give or receive payments or other consideration for referrals?
  7. Do you sell, trade or convey your clients’ personal information to third parties for consideration, free services or marketing purposes?
  8. May I see a copy of your home inspection service agreement?
  9. Would you send me a copy of an actual inspection report for a house similar to mine?
  10. Do you intend to walk on the roof? Under what circumstances do you not walk on the rooftop during an inspection?
  11. Do you carry General Liability Insurance? Errors and Omissions?
  12. Have you ever had a complaint filed against you or been disciplined by your state licensing agency, inspection association or any bona fide consumer agency? If so, what was the outcome?
  13. How much will my inspection cost? What services are included in the basic fee and what services cost extra?
  1. Environment
  2. Buildings
  3. Containers
  4. Electrical
  5. Fire protection equipment
  6. Hand tools
  7. Hazardous products
  8. Materials handling
  9. Personal protective equipment
  10. Pressurized equipment
  11. Production equipment
  12. Personnel support equipment
  13. Powered equipment
  14. Storage facilities
  15. Walkways and roadways
  16. Protective guards
  17. Safety devices
  18. Controls
  19. Lifting components
  20. Hygiene and first aid facilities
  21. Psychosocial hazards

Yes, it is possible for a home to fail an inspection. A home inspection is an examination of the condition of a home. It is usually conducted by a professional inspector who will look at various aspects of the home, including the structure, the plumbing, the electrical system, and more. If any of these areas are found to be in disrepair, the home may fail the inspection.

Home inspections are an important part of the home-buying process. They help you to identify potential problems with the property and give you a chance to ask questions about the condition of the home. However, you are not required to be present for the inspection.

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